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Installing EaaS has always been a difficult task, since many different software components need to installed and configured. To ease this process we have created Ubuntu packages (currently 14.04 LTS only, 16.04 is on the way).

To retrieve our  packages, you need to add our repository to your APT-sources list. Create a file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/bwfla.list containing the following line:

deb http://packages.bw-fla.uni-freiburg.de/ trusty bwfla

Furthermore, you need to prioritize our packages, as we provide patched versions of some system packages. Add a file /etc/apt/preferences.d/pin-bwfla.pref with the following content:

Package: *
Pin: release c=bwfla
Pin-Priority: 1001

Finally update your packages database (apt-get update).


The EaaS system consists of different components:

  1. eaas-common (dependency of all packages, will be installed automatically)
  2. eaas-emulators
  3. eaas-gateway
  4. eaas-image-archive
  5. eaas-fits
  6. eaas-object-archive
  7. eaas-software-archive
  8. eaas-server
  9. eaas-workflows

All components can either be installed on a single machine, or deployed individually.

Note: If install or re-configure an EaaS package while the application server is already running, make sure to restart the server to enable new features or settings (service bwfla restart).

EaaS Common
The eaas-common module installs common software dependencies (e.g. xmount, shell scripts) and prepares the system for running EaaS. This package is a dependency of all other EaaS modules and does not need to be installed manually.


Say “yes” if you want to follow to use the installation wizard to setup your EaaS instance, or say no if you want to configure your instance manually.


Set IP address and port number the EaaS server should listen to.

EaaS Emulators
The eaas-emulators package is preparing the system to run emulators and act as an EmuComp service. This package also installs all supported emulators.


To make the system scaleable, the EmuComp service needs to be accessible for any client using emulators. Please provide the IP/port or FQDN how a client can access this service. Usually, this is the same IP/port as entered for eaas-common. Sometimes, however, the service is masked / proxied / etc. and is reachable through a different FQDN / port.


EaaS Gateway
The eaas-gateway takes request from clients and dispatches these requests to EmuComp instances.


Add a list of configured EmuComp as instances separated by spaces, e.g. “,4,8” — meaning that the instance running at port 8080 provides 4 CPU cores and instance running at port 8181 provides 8 CPU cores.



EaaS Image Archive
The eaas-image-archive package installs a basic image archive service.


You need to provide a path to the image archive (currently file-system based).


If the path exists, it is assumed that there is a valid (file-base) image archive. If the path does not exist, a new file-based image-archive will be instantiated and pre-populated with simple example images.


Finally, one needs to decide how the image data is delivered to the emulators. Currently, two options are available: the network block device protocol (NBD) and through HTTP. NBD is usually faster and more bandwidth efficient than HTTP, but requires that EmuComp instance are able to connect to the image-archive through port 10809. Using HTTP requires only that port 80 is accessible for EmuComp instances.

EaaS Object-Archive
The eaas-object-archive package installs a basic object archive facade.


The object archive facade is capable to manage multiple object archives. At this point only the directory has to be set where the individual object-archive configurations can be found.


EaaS Software-Archive
The eaas-software-archive currently provides a thin meta-data layer on top of an object-archive. We will update information on using the software-archive soon. Currently WIP.



EaaS Server
The eaas-server package is also a dependency package, installed by one of the functional modules. The server package installs and configures the EaaS application server. Optionally an upstart service will be installed, such that the EaaS services are started when the machine is booted.


Note: the eaas-server package does not start the server during or after installation. You need to either to reboot the machine or start the server manually (service start bwfla).

EaaS Workflows
The eaas-workflows package installs and configures a web-based UI implementing example workflows.



Configure the EaaS Gateway to be used. Provide IP/FQDN and port to a gateway instance. If the current instance has been configured to act as EaaS Gateway, the values are preset to its current configuration.


Configure the EaaS Image Archive to be used. Provide IP/FQDN and port to a gateway instance. If the current instance has been configured to act as EaaS Image Archive, the values are preset to its current configuration.



Configure the EaaS Object Archive to be used. Provide IP/FQDN and port to a gateway instance. If the current instance has been configured to act as EaaS Object Archive, the values are preset to its current configuration.


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