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    Whole System Preservation: The Digital Heritage of Vilèm Flusser

    If the documentation on the workings of computer system has been lost or is too laborious to recover, a complete system with all its software and data can be encapsulated in a standardized container format. The conserved system can be brought up at any time through a web interface.

    EaaS in the Cloud: Rhizome's Theresa Duncan CD-ROM release

    Rhizome's goal was to re-enact three style-defining art game CD-ROMs from the 1990's on the web. Without users having to install any additional software or download an emulator or a disk image, the games should be played in their completeness on any modern browser. Rhizome launched a Kickstarter project Chop Suey, Smarty and Zero Zero available to their audience free of charge.

    MS-DOS Demos Second Reality

    Famous MS-DOS demo from 1993 running on QEMU.

    Highly customizable setups: Conversion of obsolete Office files

    If the workings of a computer system are well-known, even complex and exotic setups can be easily rebuilt from components and brought up at any time through a web interface. Additionally, the conserved system can perform complex automated tasks, for instance converting data saved in obsolete file formats into standardized formats on demand, applying the original software packages that were used to create the unusable originals.

    Mass-curation of objects and systems: Transmediale CD-ROM Art Archive

    Computer systems and data are managed via a combination technical metadata and verification of their expected behaviour and performance.

    More demos

    If you are interested in the current state of the project, apply for access to the demo server by contacting Klaus Rechert.